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Prepare your business to access and manage growth capital.

Our Services

Reduce Risks

Develop Systems

Develop Systems such as financial management and quality control

Develop People

Develop Teams to self-initiate and problem-solve priority business issues

Improve Viability

Increase Revenue

Increase Revenue with strategic marketing and scalable distribution

Decrease Costs

Decrease Costs with efficient operations and supply-chain management

Our Client Experience

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Our Impact


$1.9 million

Indicates the sum of investment dollars accessed by our pre-investment clients.

Client Operations

$1 = $5.90

For every $1 spent on our services, we have generated $5.90 in additional revenue and cost savings for our clients.

Social Impact

(Indirect via Our Approach)

Additional local suppliers included in our clients’ fair supply-chains.
Additional employees hired by our clients. 80% are women.
Additional rural customers purchase improved goods and services delivered by our clients.

Latest Work

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